Video summary (June/July)

It’s Summer, it’s hot, and i’m lazy as hell…Vampire Savior community is quite active in Japan and also outside, with side tournaments at EVO 2012 and others. Leaving non-japanese videos to other pages, there are some good videos of recent tournaments.

VSAV – Tsudanuma ACE 21.07.2012 casuals
New Arcade’s videos featuring a lot of good players.

VSAV – Takadanobaba Mikado 08.07.2012 – Champion Carnival 2
second edition of the event that ends the Rookie’s Tournament Season (i’ll not spoiler any results).

VSAV – Takadanobaba Mikado 28.07.2012 ranbat
regular monthly ranbat at Takadanobaba Mikado.

Champion Carnival 2 poster by 山本

Vampire Savior Devil’s Play Ground finals (updated with final results)


Final act of DEVIL’S PLAY GROUND tournament. Tomorrow Saturday 16 June 2012, at CLUBSEGA Shinjyuku there will be the final qualifier (seven) and after that, the FINAL event. Streaming here:

Qualified players are:
#1 April 22 at Tachikawa Oslo1
Winner is Hisashi(LE)

#2 April 28 at Takadanobaba MIKADO
Winner is Kosho(BU)

#3 May 13 at Ikebukuro GiGO
Winner is KEN(GA)

#4 May 20 at CLUB SEGA Shinjyuku
Winner is DD(SA)

#5 May 26 at Takadanobaba MIKADO
Winner is Komemaru(ZA)

#6 June 2 at CLUB SEGA Akihabara(New Annex)
Winner is Nakanishi(BI)

A playlist of available videos of these qualifiers is here:

For all the info about this event, thanks to Sasunii-san
( follow him on twitter: )

16.06.2012 Update: Really great event, i watched the stream and it was really intense and with a lot of high-level players. The last qualified players was Kaji (Lilith) and Sakai (Zabel), and then we have a double elimination tournament with this 8 players. In the end, results was:
1st) Kaji (Lilith)
2nd) Sakai (Zabel)
3rd) Hisashi (Lei Lei)

Congrats to Hisashi that made some great matches against DD and Kosho. Really talented player.



A new event is approaching fast !!!

A tournament to set the best Kanto player. Qualifiers are:
– Tachikawa Oslo (22.04.2012)
– Mikado Arcade Takadanobaba (28.04.2012)
– Ikebukuro Gigo (13.05.2012)
– Club SEGA Shinjuku Nishiguchi (20.05.2012)
– Mikado Arcade Takadanobaba (26.05.2012)
– Club SEGA Akihabara new building (02.06.2012)
– Club SEGA Shinjuku Nishiguchi (last chance + finals, 16.06.2012)

I hope to get more info and eventually links to streaming, but just now this event seems to be fucking awesome !!! HYYYYYYPE…


TKO – Darkstalkers Combo Vid Classics!

Darkstalkers Combo Maestro, TKO, reuploaded today all his 3 Vampire combo vids in his Youtube account for our viewing pleasure and i’m very happy he did it at last. I was waiting for his Youtube version of the Vampire Savior combo video, yes, the one i posted here not so long ago.
This three combo videos were featured as a Bonus Material in some DCC DVD’s and all of them are just the best cmv’s for each game (sorry Skill Smith) so please don’t miss this chance to watch them again or for the first time if you didn’t before:

VAMPIRE ultimate combo video by TKO

VAMPIRE HUNTER ultimate combo video by TKO

VAMPIRE SAVIOR ultimate combo video by TKO

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KYSG Bonus Stage Combo Videos: VAMPIRE!

538 from the group of japanese combo makers known as KYSG these week has been uploading some of his old unreleased clips to his channel featuring a lot of Old School 2d fighting games such as CVS2, World Heroes 2, SFA and SFEX, but his lastest three episodes were dedicated to the first Darkstalkers game!
If you want to see some crazy OTG’s, Juggles, Backward combos and other some really broken stuff be sure to check them out!

KYSG bonus stage #011 – VAMPIRE
KYSG bonus stage #012 – VAMPIRE

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VSAV: Pushblock Techniques #1

A very common question between the new and not so new Vampire players is how to pushblock correctly and consistently. Well if you’re tired of mashing the shit out of the buttons while you’re blocking and get random pushblocks, this little video will help you out a lot!

How VSav Pushblocking Works (taken from Mizuumi Wiki):

“Tech hits are done by pressing multiple buttons during blockstop. Simultaneous inputs are not counted as multiple inputs, but rather only as a single input. In other words LP+MK+HP is counted as one single input where as LP~MK~HP is counted as three since there was some small delay between the three inputs. This is why sliding/pianoing is necessary for tech hitting.

The amount of pushback a tech hit causes is relative to the button used when the tech hit occurs, light (jab/short) will cause minimal pushback, medium (strong/forward) will cause moderate pushback, heavy (fierce/roundhouse) will cause large pushback.”

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