Yoshinori Ono: Nuevo Darkstalkers?

En una extensa entrevista realizada por IGN a Yoshinori Ono sobre las novedades de el nuevo Super Street Fighter IV, le hisieron una pregunta clave sobre el Engine de el Game y si le gustaria usarlo en  algun otro Game de Capcom, a lo que el respondio lo siguiente:


IGN: Street Fighter IV is really the start of a new era for Street Fighter – the way you talked about balance and lasting legacy you hope this game to achieve – so I’m curious how far you’d like to take that. Would you like to use the SFIV engine to do a new Vs. series with maybe SNK or Marvel or even a next gen Tatsunoko, or is it something you want to keep as kind of the “pure fighter” where others might not be?

Ono: You know the sky is the limit with things I’d like to do with this engine and with this genre if given the opportunity, and in fact I’d say the only reason this game even exists is because the fans really stepped up and demanded it and were vocal about wanting another Street Fighter. We aren’t talking about a FPS here – these games aren’t easy to get approved by upper management; fighting games just don’t have as much of the market share as other titles do – so the fact that people were vocal made it very clear that “Yes we will buy this if you make it,” and that helped make it very clear. So along the same lines I’d say the thing I want to make most is a new Darkstalkers, so if anyone agrees with me I’d say open up your email and start sending off rants to your nearest Capcom representative. We’ll see if we can make something there. I’m not opposed to taking this engine and expanding it out at all.

Si quieren leer la entrevista completa a Ono por IGN que es más que productiva y vale la pena leerla si estan interesados en conocer a fondo las novedades y cambios de el SSFIV : http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/103/1030280p1.html

Asi es, uno de las Franquicias que a el le gustaria revivir con este nuevo engine, es el querido por muchos Darkstalkers, ya saben amigos, haganse escuchar en comunidades como Capcom-Unity y pidan y molesten y sean muy densos con esto, queremos ver un nuevo Vampire despues de tantos años y en 3D!
No se olviden de entrar y hacerse escuchar: Capcom Unity

Random Lilith Fanart:

Saludos! ~Keiko.


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