V.S: Playcity Carrot 1on1 Tougeki Qualifier 14-03-2004

Jinbe termino de subir otro muy antiguo footage de este evento clasificador para el SBO Tougeki del año 2004, son 32 videos ordenados en una Playlist para mayor comodidad:

Videos from a 1on1 Tougeki Qualifier held in Playcity Carrot Arcade, Tokyo, Sugamo in 14-03-2004. I think this was the real qualifier, and the 3on3 (previous uploaded) only a side event. Players names are unknown. Source: http://temp-tation.ath.cx/SAVIOR/stream/sugamo/20040314_3on3.htm#001

[Vampire Savior] Playcity Carrot 1on1 Tougeki Qualifier 14-03-2004 (1/32)

– Link a la Playlist:

– Random Fanart:

Saludos! ~Keiko


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