Vampire – Sumario de la Comunidad.

Yo tenía esta idea en la cabeza hace ya tiempo, pero ayer mi amigo Jinbe me paso un .txt con un pequeño sumario de Links útiles de la comunidad Vampire para todos aquellos que quieran estar al tanto de los eventos y novedades.
Más alla de los Links que el colocó en el archivo de texto original, decidí ampliarlo un poco con otras webs de interes para el Player, espero que les sea de útilidad.
El sumario incluye, Channels de Youtube, Nico Video, Webs y Artículos de interes.

– Darkstalkers Community Sumarium (By Jinbe & Keiko):

Vampire Savior Community is still alive and awesome, in Japan. They did a lot of events and tournaments, that end in the best one, the DCC (Darkstalkers Combination Cup, this year 10 October).

I’d like to summarize where you can find videos around the net, I hope you will enjoy this:

Youtube Channels:

This is Ego’s (the famous Lei Lei player) channel, and you can find a lot of various tournaments, expecially the new held in Mi-Ka-do.

KEN’s channel, the famous Gallon player. Same as the previous one, with good videos expecially from Mi-ka-do.

DD’s channel, the famous Sasquatch player. Now the channel it’s not often updated, but you can find a lot of SUPERB videos about the PRE-DCC 5on5 tournaments.

Maybe Orekon’s channel, the great Felicia player. You can find all the IBARAKI VIP monthly tournaments inside.

Shimatsuya’s channel, the great Jedah player. Videos from Playland F-1 R in Sendai.

Videos from Shiogama Shuttle arcade. Really awesome.

19sai’s channel, the famous Victor player. This channel features GGPO ranbats with a lot of TOP PLAYERS inside.

Here you can see all the old Mi-ka-Do tournaments, Acho tournaments and a lot of videos from other arcade centers.

Nico Video:

The Vampire Savior community on Nicovideo. You have to register to NV to join it. Highly recommended.


Great site with a lot of good streaming events. The last Nagoya Monogatari 7 (one of the most awesome tournaments in the past years) was streamed here.

Other good tournaments in streaming.

Not updated anymore, but this is the official Mi-ka-do streaming.

Websites & Blogs: (Sendai Website) (Ibaraki V.I.P Website) (Darkstalkers Combination Cup Website) (Temp-Tation 21 Website) (Shiogama Shuttle Website) (DD’s Blog) (Niigata Popy Website) (Vampire Savior Battle Festival) (Nohoho’s Blog) (Nagoya Monogatari Blog) (Keiko’s Blog)

Gameplay & Strategy Articles: (Japanese Vampire Wiki) (Mizuumi Vampire Wiki) (Vampire Savior Thread on SRK) (Vampire Hunter Thread on SRK) (Frame Datas & Info for all the Darkstalkers Games) (SRK Wiki)


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