Hi everyone, sadly for all of you readers, i’m not Keiko but…Jinbe. Yes, the youtube guy (neojinbe). Keiko seems really busy with a lot of things, so she asked me to help her with this blog, so, here we are. Sorry^^
Just some info about me (who care ?): i love 2D fighting games, and my favourite ones are Vampire Savior (Anakaris) and GGXX (#R Dizzy): but believe me, i’m a huge scrub at both of them. I also play just for fun A LOT of other fighting games, including the most underrated ones. I also play Shoot’em Up, some people said i’m better at that shit then at fighting games, lol^^

Then, i’ll try to update this blog with videos and info, please follow us and comment if you want and forgive me for my shitty english. See you soon^^


2 thoughts on “Switch

  1. Aloha Jinbe!!! si Keiko te cede el puesto, seguro vos sos igual de genial ^_^
    Al igual que tu tb me encanta Vampire Savior (Lilith) y GGX #Reload (Slayer) y un montón de otros más. Me encantan los shooters de naves *o*, cuando supe que enn Gunbird 2 saldría Morrigan, me sangró la nariz xD.
    Estaré atento a tus post

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