Mi-Ka-Do 27-11-2010 (plus info)

Hi, this time we have an interesting 2on2 tournament held in 27-11-2010 in Mi-Ka-Do arcade (Takadanobaba).
Teams are:
Ego (Lei Lei ) + Kame (Victor)
MAB (Gallon) + Maki (Sasquatch)
Buzz (Gallon) + Teitoku (Jedah)
Sasazuka (Victor) + J・B(Jedah)
Himajin (Lei Lei) + 1310 (Morrigan)
Nakanishi (Bishamon) + snot (Demitri)
Rantei (Bishamon) + Komemaru (Zabel)
Kosho (Bulleta) + Masukakki (Sasquatch)
KEN (Gallon) + Uminoko (Zabel)
Maro (Q-bee) + Nishiken (Morrigan)
DD (Felicia) + Guratan (Felicia)

After the main tournament, there was a 12on12 exhibition battle, this time no usually East vs WEST, but the first team feature players that wear glasses, the second team feature players that don’t wear glasses.

Glass Team: 1310 (Morrigan), Guratan (Felicia) , J・B (Jedah), MAB (Gallon), Snot (Demitri) , Shou (Aulbath), Kame (Victor), Sasazuka (Morrigan), Teitoku (Jedah), KEN (Gallon), Nakanishi (Bishamon), Kosho (Bulleta).
No Glass Team: Himajin (Lei Lei) , Masukakki (Anakaris) , Maro (Q-Bee) , OraQ (Q-Bee), Uminoko (Aulbath), Rantei (Bishamon), Maki (Sasquatch), Nishiken (Morrigan), Ego (Lei Lei), Komemaru (Zabel), Buzz (Gallon), DD (Sasquatch).

Complete playlist: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=FC5EF1292822870A


  • Sasazuka with Victor and Morrigan (?): lol, no more love for Lei Lei ?
  • DD with Felicia on the 2on2.
  • Uminoko with Zabel on the 2on2.
  • Masukakki with Anakaris in the 12on12: really great performance, he defeated Shou Aulbath too. Great.

Nohoho posted some translations about the DARKSTALKERS CARNIVAL 2010:

On December 18th there are going to be tournaments for various Vampire games at Club Sega Shinjuku.
Vampire and Vampire Savior 2 (!) singles
Vampire Hunter 2on2
Vampire Savior 3on3



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