DARKSTALKERS CARNIVAL 2010 (results + videos)

So, as i wrote in a previous post, here the results and the videos for this event.

Date: 18/12/2010
Location: Club Sega Shinjuku

VAMPIRE 1on1 (10 participants)
1st place: Sakamoto (Sasquatch)
2nd place: DD (Demitri)

VAMPIRE SAVIOR 2 1on1 (24 participants)
1st place: Shimatsuya (Jedah)
2nd place: Panpiina (Felicia)

VAMPIRE HUNTER 2on2 (20 participants)
1st place: Ushipi (Morrigan) + Sasunii (Sasquatch)
2nd place: Yoshiyuki (Sasquatch) + Marusa (Felicia)

VAMPIRE SAVIOR 3on3 (35 participants)
1st place: Sakamoto (Q-Bee) + DD (Sasquatch) + Ego (Lei Lei) *
2nd place: Kaji (Lilith) + Nakanishi (Bishamon) + Shimatsuya (Jedah)

* Team’s name was “Sayonara DD”: ????

source: DD Sasquatch Blog


I think that soon there will be a nicovideo release of them, or maybe a youtube release by Ego’s channel.


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