Pre-DCC 2010 AOW3 videos (plus bonus)

Every year, the day before the DCC, Vampire Hunter/Savior community held an epic pre-event featuring various warm-up tournaments, named AOW (All Out War). So, in 2010 too. And, believe me, maybe this is the best action around after the DCC itself.
Here is the flyer:

Here is the links for all the videos, thanks to DD Sasquatch:

First is Vampire Hunter 2on2 (Nicovideo)

Second is Vampire Savior 5on5 (Youtube)
[Preliminary Round] A-Block

[Preliminary Round] B-Block

[Preliminary Round] C-Block

[Second Round] A-Block

[Second Round] B-Block


Exhibition: 15on15 Tournament

Can’t remember if someone noticed this, but there are available full bracket for 2010 DCC, here (you download a PDF file):
for Vampire Hunter

for Vampire Savior

Well, we’re at the end of 2010. Happy new year to everyone, from me and Keiko. Keep following this blog in 2011 too.


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