Vampire Savior November/December Round-Up videos

Little summarize of the last VSAV events, with link for the videos (note: date format is day/month/year). Most of the info are taken from:
DD Sasquatch’s blog

Ibaraki VIP 06/11/2010
format: 1on1
entrants: 12
youtube playlist:

Playland F1-R 14/11/2010
format: 1on1
entrants: 7
youtube videos: part_1, part_2, part_3

Mi-ka-Do 27/11/2010
Please refer to this entry: here

Ibaraki Vip 11/12/2010
format: single 3on3 (1 man, 3 characters)
entrants: 15
youtube playlist:

Playland F1-R 12/12/2010
format: single 2on2 (1 man, 2 characters)
entrants: 4
youtube videos: part_1, part_2, part_3

Club Sega Shinjuku 18/12/2010 (Darkstalkers Carnival 2010)
Please refer to this entry here
youtube playlist:

Mi-ka-Do 25/12/2010
format: 1on1 + team exhibition
entrants: 17
youtube playlist:

Game Spot Versus started broadcasting VSAV/VHUNT events. Today i had a little chat with some Japanese players, and they told me that now Sakamoto’s U-stream is  Game Spot Versus U-stream. Check this link:
There is no need to rip that videos and upload on my channel, cause they are free for all and the quality is high… just enjoy them.


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