Vampire Savior March Round-Up videos (+ February updates)

Well, all of you know that March was an horrible month for Japan…if you have the chance, please donate something to Japanese people, it’s very appreciated.

On the VSAV side, there are results and videos for only one tournament in March:
date format is day/month/year

Date: 26/03/2011
Format: 7on7
Players: 28 (4 teams: DD / Kosho / kaji / Nakanishi)
Kosho’s team (Kosho, Ego, Haiiro, Rikishiman, Kage, Funou, Sanai)
kaji’s team: (kaji, komemaru, KEN, Fugo, Osakana, Shintaro, Kazu)
Videos (playlist):

1) I updated the January/February round up videos thread with:
-acho Olympics 2011 freeplay videos
-Orekon’s birthday cup A block and B block videos

2) Check out the official DCC youtube channel, here:
There are samples from various DCC at VHUNT and VSAV: for the remaining samples, check out my playlist (a little spam, sorry^^):

3) Random:
Training a little Q-Bee…I’m still a scrub, but IAD with her is so funny ^_^



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