Vampire Savior July/August Round-Up videos (+ random talk)

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Arcade: KO-HATSU (Kansai)
Date: 02/07/2011
Format: 1on1
Players: 19
1st) Super Mochimochi (Bulleta)
2nd) Yutori (Lei Lei)

Arcade: Mikado Takadanobaba (Kanto)
Date: 10/07/2011
Format: 1on1
Players: 22
1st) Kowappa (Sasquatch)
2nd) Tsukumo (Lei Lei)
3rd) Funou (Q-Bee)

Arcade: Urban Square Osu (Nagoya, Japan)
Date: 16.07.2011
Format: 1on1
Players: 29
1st) kosho (Bulleta)
2nd) Hosokawa (Sasquatch)

Arcade: Urban Square Osu (Nagoya, Japan) —1st DCC QUALIFIER—
Date: 17.07.2011
Format: 3on3
Players: 15 team (45 entrants)
DCC seed: Hosokawa (Sasquatch)
1st) Hosokawa (Sasquatch) + Azuwan (Demitri) + Saga (Sasquatch)
2nd) Dntan (Sasquatch) + Teruatsu (Felicia) + Daisuke Dattamo (Lei Lei)
Videos: (winners + losers) (winners + losers) (finals + DCC seed battle) (exhibition matches after the tournament) (bonus)

Arcade: Urban Square Osu (Nagoya, Japan)
Date: 19.07.2011
Format: 10 matches showdown
Players: kaji (Lilith) vs. Hosokawa (Sasquatch)

Arcade: Mikado Takadanobaba (Kanto)
Date: 30/07/2011
Format: 1on1
Players: 20
1st) Kosho (Bulleta)
2nd) kaji (Lilith)
3rd) Buzz (Gallon)


Arcade: KO-HATSU (Kansai)
Date: 06/08/2011
Format: 1on1
Players: 6
1st) Takahashi (Jedah)
2nd) Roorii (Lei Lei)

Arcade: A-CHO (Kansai) —2nd DCC QUALIFIER—
Date: 13/08/2011
Format: 2on2
Players: 8 (4 team)
DCC Seed: Orekon (Felicia)
1st) Orekon (Felicia) + SIN (Sasquatch)
2nd) Takahashi (Gallon) + Dara (Demitri)
Videos: (tournament) (freeplay_1) (freeplay_2)

Arcade: Mikado Takadanobaba (Kanto)
Date: 14/08/2011
Format: 1on1
Players: 13
1st) Yamamoto (Lilith)
2nd) Guratan (Felicia)
3rd) Kurono (Q-Bee)
Videos: (tournament) (freeplay)

Arcade: Club Sega Shinjuku —3rd DCC QUALIFIER—
Date: 21/08/2011
Format: 2on2
Players: 20 (10 team)
DCC Seed: kaji (Lilith)
1st) kaji (Lilith) + Shimatsuya (Jedah)
2nd) Hisashi (Lei Lei) + Guratan (Felicia)
No Videos

Arcade: Mikado Takadanobaba (Kanto)
Date: 27/08/2011
Format: 2on2
Players: 22 (11 team)
1st) kosho (Bulleta) + Nakanishi (Bishamon)
2nd) Ego (Lei Lei) + Buzz (Gallon)
3rd) DD (Sasquatch) + Kurono (Q-Bee)

Arcade: Playland F1-R (Sendai) —4th(last) DCC QUALIFIER—
Date: 28/08/2011
Format: 1on1
Players: 8
DCC Seed: Shimatsuya (Jedah)
1st) Shimatsuya (Jedah)
2nd) Kame (Victor)
3rd) kaji (Lilith)

Random talk by Jinbe

So, DCC 2011 is scheduled for 24.09.2011, and if you want a full list of participants until now, go to this link -> .A funny thing to remember is that Shimatsuya and kaji both won a DCC seed, but they are in the same team. This is a good team for the final victory, as same as of Hosokawa (SA) + Azuwan (DE), Sakamoto (QB) + T2ya (ZA), Orekon (FE) + DD (SA), Nakanishi (BI) + Kosho (BU) and others. Some surprises could come from Uminoko (AU) + Komemaru (ZA), Ego (LE) + Megane (DE), Dara (DE) + Oboro (VI), Ogawa (ZA) + Oouchi (JE) and others. There are so many good teams that really everyone can win DCC.
Btw if I’ve to point only a team, I say Sakai (ZA) + Sasazuka (QB): I’m not happy Sasazuka trashed Lei Lei for Q-Bee, but this team could really win DCC this year.
Obviously I’m rooting for Shuu (BI) + Chikyuu (AN)…

As usually, there’s the ALL OUT WAR event, a 5on5 fantastic tournament held on Club Sega the day before DCC: poster and teams here ->

And the official DCC book is out with vol.2. Check Dara’s blog here ->
The Jedah’s art is from Astroguy, a famous ero-doujinshi author and a Q-Bee player…so cooooool.
His pixiv account here ->

Ah, I heard about a Darkstalkers new game:

you really want my opinion ? ^_^



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