Darkstalkers & Social Networks.

Well, it’s pretty common nowadays that most of you use in almost a daily basis one (or both) of the most popular Social Networks platforms around, obviously, i’m talking about Facebook and Twitter.
Here i’m going to provide a few links that might come in handy if you’re a social network user and want to stay in touch with the Vampire community around the net:

– Vampire Savior Community @:

– Link: http://www.facebook.com/groups/197383233629950/
Very good community with few member yet, but, they’re all worth reading, because they’re mostly serius vsav players from USA and other countrys, so yes, no fanboy bullshit here.
GGPO Matchmaking and general vsav discussion, requires administrator approbation to join.

– Vampire Savior Community @:

– Vampire Savior Players Follow List: http://twitter.com/#!/sasquatch21chan/vampire
Here you can find a huge list with all Vampire Savior top players in Japan who have an twitter account and well… 2 foreign scrubs like me and Jinbe for the lulz.
– Vampire Savior DCC6 Follow List: http://twitter.com/#!/sasquatch21chan/dcc6
An specific Twitter list with all the Darkstalkers Combination Cup competitors who have a Twitter Account.

– Vampire Savior Community @:

Link: http://mixi.jp/show_friend.pl?id=18072314
Official DCC Group at Mixi.jp. Japan only…. or if you mannage to get an invitation from a japanese friend you can register as well.

– Vampire Savior Community @:

Link: http://com.nicovideo.jp/community/co7175
Savior community in Nico Douga, you need a Nico account to join, but that’s pretty simple and i assume that most of you already have one there.

That’s all for now, yeah, they’re few links like i said above but believe me that you will not need anymore than this to find what you’re looking for, also as a sidenote, most Japanese Vampire players are very kind people, so don’t be shy to follow and talk with them if you like.
– Random Fanart:

Morrigan by ARK

– Keiko.


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