DCC6 Vampire Savior 2on2 final results

Finally, for the first year, i was able to follow the stream from the start. It was so good that now i’m totally happy and satisfied. Yeah, this game is still great and VSAV japanese community is awesome.
So, just a flash with results:
A block: kosho (BU) & Nakanishi (BI)
B block: Azuwan (DE) & Hosokawa (SA)
C block: CAA (ZA) & Takahashi (GA)
D block: Negitoro (SA) & Basuken (GA)
E block: Shimatsuya (JE) & kaji (LI)
F block: Haiiro (AU) & OraQ (QB)

kosho (BU) & Nakanishi (BI)
CAA (ZA) & Takahashi (GA)
Shimatsuya (JE) & kaji (LI)


1st match) Nakanishi def. CAA, Kosho def. Takahashi
2nd match) CAA def. Shimatsuya, Kaji def. Takahashi, Kaji def. CAA
3rd match) Nakanishi def. Shimatsuya, Kaji def. Kosho, Kaji def. Nakanishi

Maybe i’ll make a more detailed post later. For now, congratulations to Kaji and Shimatsuya and thanks to Sakamoto and all the DCC staff for the stream.



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