DCC6 – AOW4 “B League Qualifiers”

Yup, 2 Completed leagues uploaded in a row, thanks a lot EGO LEI for this ones:
ヴァンパイアセイヴァー AOW4 ナカニシ軍団(仮) vs Com’on Rookieeeeeee!!

Playlist Link: AOW4 予選Bリーグ
– Info:
No.1: Nakanishi Gundan vs Com’on Rookieeeeeee!!
Nakanishi Gundan order: Nakanishi(BI),TKO(SA),Hisashi(LE),Uminoko(AL),Komemaru(ZA)
Com’on Rookieeeeeee!! order: Sebone(GA),Orita(SA),Tukumo(LE),Seri(MO),Guratan(FE)

No.2: Com’on Rookieeeeeee!! vs Assen3
Assen3 order: Funou(QB),tkm(GA),Morikami(MO),Tune(DE),+Random

No.3: Ultimate YOfamily vs Assen3
Ultimate YOfamily order: Outi(JE),DD(SA),Nasu(SA),Kuma(SA),Sakamoto(QB)

Thanks to Sasunii for the info and name translations.


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