Jinbe’s best players

Well, so many times i came across discussions about who’s the best player for each character. Well, this is my personal list, please don’t rage about it…imho in a game like VSAV it’s really difficult say who’s the best for each character, cause many times players are really at the same level, so here i totally follow my taste and put only ONE player as BEST and then other great players in (…..): but i was really in difficult choosing only one best Jedah, Gallon, Lei Lei, Demitri and Bishamon.

How to read this list: Best player (other great players) and in red, my favourite player for that character.

Jedah: Shimatsuya (Oouchi, Teitoku, J.B, Benzou)
Felicia: Orekon (P, Nekohashi, Teruchika)
Gallon: Takahashi (Haneman, Buzz, KEN, Verchi)
Q-Bee: Sakamoto (Yankee, OraQ, SIN)
Lei Lei: Ego (Sasazuka, Atsuta, Deka)
Zabel: Sakai (CAA, Aojiru, T2ya, Ogawa, Komemaru)
Victor: Oboro (Kame, 19sai)
Bulleta: Kosho (sako)
Morrigan: Nishiken (Takepon, Yajima)
Anakaris: Chikyuu (Chapa)
Aulbath: bow (Shou, Haiiro, Osakana, Uminoko)
Lilith: Kaji (Hachiouji, Take, Mano, K)
Sasquatch: DD (Nasu, Haitani, Sasunii, SAGA, TKO, Negitoro, Hosokawa)
Bishamon: Nakanishi (Shuu, Norio, Rantei)
Demitri: Azuwan (Dara, Megane)

I’d like to read your comments about this, but expecially i want Keiko’s list ^_^



One thought on “Jinbe’s best players

  1. Very nice choices Jinbe, i should my make my own list when i have some free time left, but my all time favourite VSAV player is no other than Kaji, other names that comes to my mind right now are: TKO, Dara, Orekon and Sako.

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