Keiko’s combo clips

Main title of this blog, Vampire Scrubs, is referred only to me. Keiko is a great player, and a few weeks ago Keiko recorded some short combo clips about Vampire Savior and Vampire Savior 2 and Vampire Hunter 2. I’m sure all of you have already seen them on (and on Keiko’s blog too,, right ?

Bishamon Combo #01
Bishamon Combo #02
Felicia Dark Force Combos #01
Felicia Combo #02
Zabel Combo #01
Zabel Combo #02
Anakaris Combo #01
Anakaris Combo #02 (Neta)
Jedah Combo #01
Jedah Combo #02
Aulbath Combo #01
Bulleta Combo #01
Demitri Combo #01
Demitri Combo #02 (VSAV2)
Morrigan Combo #01
Morrigan Combo #02 (VSAV2)
Lilith Combo #01
Lilith Combo #02 (VSAV2)
Donovan Combo #01 (VSAV2)
Gallon Combo #01 (VHUNT2)
Gallon Combo #02 (VHUNT2)
Lei Lei Combo #01 (VSAV2)
Victor Combo #01 (VSAV2)
I’m pretty sure Keiko will continue to upload great combo clips, so stay tuned for more.



One thought on “Keiko’s combo clips

  1. Hahaha well… i must say that all those clips are “neta clips” that means that they’re mainly drafts or ideas of combos.
    Hope to compile all this combos (and much more) for all the Vampire Savior games and make a movie soon.

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