VSAV: Pushblock Techniques #1

A very common question between the new and not so new Vampire players is how to pushblock correctly and consistently. Well if you’re tired of mashing the shit out of the buttons while you’re blocking and get random pushblocks, this little video will help you out a lot!

How VSav Pushblocking Works (taken from Mizuumi Wiki):

“Tech hits are done by pressing multiple buttons during blockstop. Simultaneous inputs are not counted as multiple inputs, but rather only as a single input. In other words LP+MK+HP is counted as one single input where as LP~MK~HP is counted as three since there was some small delay between the three inputs. This is why sliding/pianoing is necessary for tech hitting.

The amount of pushback a tech hit causes is relative to the button used when the tech hit occurs, light (jab/short) will cause minimal pushback, medium (strong/forward) will cause moderate pushback, heavy (fierce/roundhouse) will cause large pushback.”

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