Video summary (June/July)

It’s Summer, it’s hot, and i’m lazy as hell…Vampire Savior community is quite active in Japan and also outside, with side tournaments at EVO 2012 and others. Leaving non-japanese videos to other pages, there are some good videos of recent tournaments.

VSAV – Tsudanuma ACE 21.07.2012 casuals
New Arcade’s videos featuring a lot of good players.

VSAV – Takadanobaba Mikado 08.07.2012 – Champion Carnival 2
second edition of the event that ends the Rookie’s Tournament Season (i’ll not spoiler any results).

VSAV – Takadanobaba Mikado 28.07.2012 ranbat
regular monthly ranbat at Takadanobaba Mikado.

Champion Carnival 2 poster by 山本


Vampire Savior Devil’s Play Ground finals (updated with final results)


Final act of DEVIL’S PLAY GROUND tournament. Tomorrow Saturday 16 June 2012, at CLUBSEGA Shinjyuku there will be the final qualifier (seven) and after that, the FINAL event. Streaming here:

Qualified players are:
#1 April 22 at Tachikawa Oslo1
Winner is Hisashi(LE)

#2 April 28 at Takadanobaba MIKADO
Winner is Kosho(BU)

#3 May 13 at Ikebukuro GiGO
Winner is KEN(GA)

#4 May 20 at CLUB SEGA Shinjyuku
Winner is DD(SA)

#5 May 26 at Takadanobaba MIKADO
Winner is Komemaru(ZA)

#6 June 2 at CLUB SEGA Akihabara(New Annex)
Winner is Nakanishi(BI)

A playlist of available videos of these qualifiers is here:

For all the info about this event, thanks to Sasunii-san
( follow him on twitter: )

16.06.2012 Update: Really great event, i watched the stream and it was really intense and with a lot of high-level players. The last qualified players was Kaji (Lilith) and Sakai (Zabel), and then we have a double elimination tournament with this 8 players. In the end, results was:
1st) Kaji (Lilith)
2nd) Sakai (Zabel)
3rd) Hisashi (Lei Lei)

Congrats to Hisashi that made some great matches against DD and Kosho. Really talented player.



A new event is approaching fast !!!

A tournament to set the best Kanto player. Qualifiers are:
– Tachikawa Oslo (22.04.2012)
– Mikado Arcade Takadanobaba (28.04.2012)
– Ikebukuro Gigo (13.05.2012)
– Club SEGA Shinjuku Nishiguchi (20.05.2012)
– Mikado Arcade Takadanobaba (26.05.2012)
– Club SEGA Akihabara new building (02.06.2012)
– Club SEGA Shinjuku Nishiguchi (last chance + finals, 16.06.2012)

I hope to get more info and eventually links to streaming, but just now this event seems to be fucking awesome !!! HYYYYYYPE…



If you’re a fan of Vampire Savior, and you like follow japanese tournaments, be sure to do not miss the next special events, during December 2011 and January 2012.


Mikado Newcomers Champions’ Carnival
Date: 11.12.2011
Arcade: Mikado Takadanobaba
Format: 1on1

Vampire Darkstalkers Carnival 2011
Date: 17.12.2011
Arcade: CLUB SEGA Shinjuku Nishiguchi
13:00 – “VAMPIRE” 1on1
14:00 – “VAMPIRE HUNTER” 2on2
15:30 – “VAMPIRE HUNTER 2” 1on1
17:00 – “VAMPIRE SAVIOR” 3on3


All Capcom Historical-vsgame Olympics 2011
Date: 07.01.2011
Arcade: Acho
Format: 1on1

2nd Orekon Cup
Date: 08.01.2011
Arcade: Ibaraki VIP
Format: 2on2

When i know something sure about streaming of these events, i’ll post here.


Vampire Savior September/October Round-Up videos

Thanks to:
DDsasquatch (
Ego (
date format is day/month/year


Arcade: Mikado Takadanobaba (Kanto)
Date: 11/09/2011 4th New Comers Tournament
Format: 1on1
Players: 22
1st) Seri (Morrigan)
2nd) Tsukumo (Lei Lei)
3rd) Tsune (Demitri)
Videos: (video 3 is private ???)

Arcade: Club Sega Shinjuku —AOW 4—
Date: 23/09/2011
Format: 5on5
Players: 83
1st) kaji (Lilith) / Shimatsuya (Jedah) / Oboro (Victor) / Chikyuu (Anakaris) / Dara (Demitri)
2nd) Atsuta (Lei Lei) / Orekon (Felicia) / Negitoro (Sasquatch) / CAA (Zabel) / Takahashi (Gallon)
3rd) Nakanishi (Bishamon) / Uminoko (Aulbath) / Komemaru (Zabel) / Hisashi (Lei Lei) / TKO (Sasquatch)
A Block
B Block
C Block
D Block

Arcade: Club Sega Shinjuku —DCC 6—
Date: 24/09/2011
Format: 2on2
Players: 99
1st) Shimatsuya (Jedah) / Kaji (Lilith)
2nd) Kosho (Bulleta) / Nakanishi (Bishamon)
3rd) Takahashi (Gallon) / CAA (Zabel)
wait for the DVD next year !!!


Arcade: Club Sega Akihabara
Date: 01/10/2011
Format: 1on1
Players: 28
1st) Kosho (Bulleta)
2nd) Kaji (Lilith)
3rd) Nakanishi (Bishamon)
Videos: #

Arcade: Mikado Takadanobaba (Kanto)
Date: 09/10/2011 5th New Comers Tournament
Format: 1on1
Players: 22
1st) Guratan (Felicia)
2nd) Kurio (Anakaris)
3rd) Funou (Q-Bee)

Arcade: Mikado Takadanobaba (Kanto)
Date: 29/10/2011
Format: 3on3
Players: 34
1st) Kaji (Lilith) / Sakamoto (Q-Bee) / Ego (Lei Lei)
2nd) Komemaru (Zabel) / KEN (Gallon) / Hisashi (Lei Lei)

Keiko’s combo clips

Main title of this blog, Vampire Scrubs, is referred only to me. Keiko is a great player, and a few weeks ago Keiko recorded some short combo clips about Vampire Savior and Vampire Savior 2 and Vampire Hunter 2. I’m sure all of you have already seen them on (and on Keiko’s blog too,, right ?

Bishamon Combo #01
Bishamon Combo #02
Felicia Dark Force Combos #01
Felicia Combo #02
Zabel Combo #01
Zabel Combo #02
Anakaris Combo #01
Anakaris Combo #02 (Neta)
Jedah Combo #01
Jedah Combo #02
Aulbath Combo #01
Bulleta Combo #01
Demitri Combo #01
Demitri Combo #02 (VSAV2)
Morrigan Combo #01
Morrigan Combo #02 (VSAV2)
Lilith Combo #01
Lilith Combo #02 (VSAV2)
Donovan Combo #01 (VSAV2)
Gallon Combo #01 (VHUNT2)
Gallon Combo #02 (VHUNT2)
Lei Lei Combo #01 (VSAV2)
Victor Combo #01 (VSAV2)
I’m pretty sure Keiko will continue to upload great combo clips, so stay tuned for more.


Jinbe’s best players

Well, so many times i came across discussions about who’s the best player for each character. Well, this is my personal list, please don’t rage about it…imho in a game like VSAV it’s really difficult say who’s the best for each character, cause many times players are really at the same level, so here i totally follow my taste and put only ONE player as BEST and then other great players in (…..): but i was really in difficult choosing only one best Jedah, Gallon, Lei Lei, Demitri and Bishamon.

How to read this list: Best player (other great players) and in red, my favourite player for that character.

Jedah: Shimatsuya (Oouchi, Teitoku, J.B, Benzou)
Felicia: Orekon (P, Nekohashi, Teruchika)
Gallon: Takahashi (Haneman, Buzz, KEN, Verchi)
Q-Bee: Sakamoto (Yankee, OraQ, SIN)
Lei Lei: Ego (Sasazuka, Atsuta, Deka)
Zabel: Sakai (CAA, Aojiru, T2ya, Ogawa, Komemaru)
Victor: Oboro (Kame, 19sai)
Bulleta: Kosho (sako)
Morrigan: Nishiken (Takepon, Yajima)
Anakaris: Chikyuu (Chapa)
Aulbath: bow (Shou, Haiiro, Osakana, Uminoko)
Lilith: Kaji (Hachiouji, Take, Mano, K)
Sasquatch: DD (Nasu, Haitani, Sasunii, SAGA, TKO, Negitoro, Hosokawa)
Bishamon: Nakanishi (Shuu, Norio, Rantei)
Demitri: Azuwan (Dara, Megane)

I’d like to read your comments about this, but expecially i want Keiko’s list ^_^