TKO – Darkstalkers Combo Vid Classics!

Darkstalkers Combo Maestro, TKO, reuploaded today all his 3 Vampire combo vids in his Youtube account for our viewing pleasure and i’m very happy he did it at last. I was waiting for his Youtube version of the Vampire Savior combo video, yes, the one i posted here not so long ago.
This three combo videos were featured as a Bonus Material in some DCC DVD’s and all of them are just the best cmv’s for each game (sorry Skill Smith) so please don’t miss this chance to watch them again or for the first time if you didn’t before:

VAMPIRE ultimate combo video by TKO

VAMPIRE HUNTER ultimate combo video by TKO

VAMPIRE SAVIOR ultimate combo video by TKO

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KYSG Bonus Stage Combo Videos: VAMPIRE!

538 from the group of japanese combo makers known as KYSG these week has been uploading some of his old unreleased clips to his channel featuring a lot of Old School 2d fighting games such as CVS2, World Heroes 2, SFA and SFEX, but his lastest three episodes were dedicated to the first Darkstalkers game!
If you want to see some crazy OTG’s, Juggles, Backward combos and other some really broken stuff be sure to check them out!

KYSG bonus stage #011 – VAMPIRE
KYSG bonus stage #012 – VAMPIRE

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VSAV Combo Video by TKO (DCC5 DVD)

Are you ready for 20 minutes of Vampire Savior combos? Well, get ready because this is gonna blow your mind up!
TKO has made this long combo video as an exclusive feature of the Vampire DCC5 DVD and now he uploaded it to his Nico Nico Douga account. The combos are hella impressive and also they have Hit box display and live transcripts of each one, also there’s a explanation of how some combos/glitch works at the end of the video.
You can’t miss this one, really, it’s the best vsav combo video ever made to date:

Nico Nico Link: Here
Hope there’s a Youtube mirror soon!

Keiko’s combo clips

Main title of this blog, Vampire Scrubs, is referred only to me. Keiko is a great player, and a few weeks ago Keiko recorded some short combo clips about Vampire Savior and Vampire Savior 2 and Vampire Hunter 2. I’m sure all of you have already seen them on (and on Keiko’s blog too,, right ?

Bishamon Combo #01
Bishamon Combo #02
Felicia Dark Force Combos #01
Felicia Combo #02
Zabel Combo #01
Zabel Combo #02
Anakaris Combo #01
Anakaris Combo #02 (Neta)
Jedah Combo #01
Jedah Combo #02
Aulbath Combo #01
Bulleta Combo #01
Demitri Combo #01
Demitri Combo #02 (VSAV2)
Morrigan Combo #01
Morrigan Combo #02 (VSAV2)
Lilith Combo #01
Lilith Combo #02 (VSAV2)
Donovan Combo #01 (VSAV2)
Gallon Combo #01 (VHUNT2)
Gallon Combo #02 (VHUNT2)
Lei Lei Combo #01 (VSAV2)
Victor Combo #01 (VSAV2)
I’m pretty sure Keiko will continue to upload great combo clips, so stay tuned for more.


Vampire Savior Leftovers Combo Video by Juan Fra.

Recuerdo que varios de los combos mostrados en este video, mi amigo Juan Fra me los había pasado hace ya como 5 años o tal vez más, a pesar de ser algo antiguos, son de exelente calidad, en lo personal me gustaron los combos del VSAV2 de Donovan y Phobos, ustedes que opinan al respecto?:

CPS2 – Vampire Savior – Leftovers

Bunch of old combos that never made it. These are just… meh.
BGM: Darkstalkers 3 – Shadow/Marionette Ending (Staff Roll)


Vampire The Night Warriors Combo Video By TKO

Exelente combo video de la primer entrega de Darkstalkers, realmente TKO se luce explotando el Game al máximo de sus capacidades combeables, abusando de Glitches (como la animación de recuperación de Knockdown de Zabel) Backwards entre otras cosas.
Realmente vale muchisimo la pena echarle un ojo, ya que no hay practicamente combo footages de este game, es por lejos el mejor combo video realizado hasta la fecha para este juego, asi que es A Must para los Fans del género.
El video dura 12 minutos, tuve que cortar el archivo en 2 partes para poder subirlo a Youtube (BTW, tengo una cuenta nueva en YT para subir cosas random que no son de mi autoria como este tipo de combovideos)
Los invito a que lo revisen si gustan:

Vampire Combo Video By TKO – 初代ヴァンパイア 究極コンボ動画 [1/2]

Vampire Combo Video By TKO – 初代ヴァンパイア 究極コンボ動画 [2/2]

Vampire (Darkstalkers) ” The Night Warriors” Combo Video:

Random Fanart:

Saludos! ~Keiko.