TKO – Darkstalkers Combo Vid Classics!

Darkstalkers Combo Maestro, TKO, reuploaded today all his 3 Vampire combo vids in his Youtube account for our viewing pleasure and i’m very happy he did it at last. I was waiting for his Youtube version of the Vampire Savior combo video, yes, the one i posted here not so long ago.
This three combo videos were featured as a Bonus Material in some DCC DVD’s and all of them are just the best cmv’s for each game (sorry Skill Smith) so please don’t miss this chance to watch them again or for the first time if you didn’t before:

VAMPIRE ultimate combo video by TKO

VAMPIRE HUNTER ultimate combo video by TKO

VAMPIRE SAVIOR ultimate combo video by TKO

Don’t forget to subscribe to his Channel as well and leave a nice comment on his vids!: TKO Youtube Channel.


VSAV Tutorial #2 Mixup Techniques

Arcade Legacy has uploaded the second part of their Vampire Savior tutorial series, this time focusing on many Mixup Techniques and Resets.
They keept the same structure than their previous video, using many japanese matches footage as an example and explaining what’s going on in each clip.

Arcade Legacy Youtube Channel: Here.
Mizuumi VSAV Wiki: Here.
Dustloop Thread: Here.

DCC6 – 24/09/2011 (Stream and Info)

– The new Darkstalkers Combination Cup will celebrate his 6th! edition this week, here i will post some info about the event like date, time, stream links and other related stuff that might interest you:

DCC6 Website:
Date: September 23th & 24th – 2011.
Time: 14.00hs & 12.00hs (Japan Time).
Stream Link:
Warm up event on 23.09.2011 “AOW” is 5on5.
Vampire Hunter is 1on1.
Vampire Savior is 2on2.

Tech.Hit Blog:
Dara’s Blog:
For the Twitter users:!/sasquatch21chan!/sakamoto7691
DCC Group on Mixi (Japan/invitation only): DCCオフィシャルアカウント
Thanks to Jinbe.
– Keiko.

Pre-DCC 2010 AOW3 videos (plus bonus)

Every year, the day before the DCC, Vampire Hunter/Savior community held an epic pre-event featuring various warm-up tournaments, named AOW (All Out War). So, in 2010 too. And, believe me, maybe this is the best action around after the DCC itself.
Here is the flyer:

Here is the links for all the videos, thanks to DD Sasquatch:

First is Vampire Hunter 2on2 (Nicovideo)

Second is Vampire Savior 5on5 (Youtube)
[Preliminary Round] A-Block

[Preliminary Round] B-Block

[Preliminary Round] C-Block

[Second Round] A-Block

[Second Round] B-Block


Exhibition: 15on15 Tournament

Can’t remember if someone noticed this, but there are available full bracket for 2010 DCC, here (you download a PDF file):
for Vampire Hunter

for Vampire Savior

Well, we’re at the end of 2010. Happy new year to everyone, from me and Keiko. Keep following this blog in 2011 too.

DARKSTALKERS CARNIVAL 2010 (results + videos)

So, as i wrote in a previous post, here the results and the videos for this event.

Date: 18/12/2010
Location: Club Sega Shinjuku

VAMPIRE 1on1 (10 participants)
1st place: Sakamoto (Sasquatch)
2nd place: DD (Demitri)

VAMPIRE SAVIOR 2 1on1 (24 participants)
1st place: Shimatsuya (Jedah)
2nd place: Panpiina (Felicia)

VAMPIRE HUNTER 2on2 (20 participants)
1st place: Ushipi (Morrigan) + Sasunii (Sasquatch)
2nd place: Yoshiyuki (Sasquatch) + Marusa (Felicia)

VAMPIRE SAVIOR 3on3 (35 participants)
1st place: Sakamoto (Q-Bee) + DD (Sasquatch) + Ego (Lei Lei) *
2nd place: Kaji (Lilith) + Nakanishi (Bishamon) + Shimatsuya (Jedah)

* Team’s name was “Sayonara DD”: ????

source: DD Sasquatch Blog


I think that soon there will be a nicovideo release of them, or maybe a youtube release by Ego’s channel.

DCC5 Results + Mi-Ka-Do [23/10/2010]

Info obtenida de Nohoho’s Blog

DCC Website + Info: Aquí

Vampire Hunter
41 entrants
1st: Akita (Morrigan)
2nd: Haramori (Morrigan)
3rd: Kashiwagi (Bishamon)

Vampire Savior
100 entrants
1st: Orekon (Felicia)
2nd: Ego (Lei-Lei)
3rd: Panpina (Q-Bee)

Some notes (also again from Nohoho’s Site):
VH: Haramori over MOV Felicia in the first round. Akita took out two-time champ TKO.
Kashiwagi and Donboru Zabel beat Haramori and Kawamura Phobos to take the pre-DCC 2on.

VS: Kaji over Sakai Zabel. Nakanishi over Kaji. Ego beat Nasquatch. Ouchi Jedah beat Bow Aulbath and Kosho. T2ya Zabel lost first round to Kuma Sasquatch. Aojiru GuileZabel beat Dara and DD, lost to Orekon.

– Vampire Savior @ Mi-Ka-Do [10/23/10]:

A Block
B Block
C & D Blocks
E & Finals Block

– Youtube VERSION, gracias a Jinbe:

[Vampire Savior] Mikado 23/10/2010 Tournament (part_1)

– Playlist Completa: Aquí (8 Videos)
Matches from a tournament held in 23-10-2010 in Mi-Ka-Do arcade (Takadanobaba).

Players are:
Sasazuka (Felicia)
Komemaru (Zabel)
A-tan (Zabel)
Nishiken (Morrigan)
Himajin (Lei Lei)

Players are:
Nakanishi (Bishamon)
KEN (Gallon)
Uminoko (Aulbath)
Rantei (Bishamon)
Maki (Sasquatch)

Players are:
DD (Sasquatch)
Crimson Hatenkou (Saquatch)
Haiiro (Aulbath)
Ego (Lei Lei)

Players are:
Snot (Demitri)
OraQ (Q-Bee)
Kaji (Lilith)
Kame (Victor)

Players are:
Buzz (Gallon)
Kosho (Bulleta)
Irifune (Zabel)
Shou (Aulbath)

Players are:
Preliminary Match : Kosho (Bulleta) vs Nakanishi (Bishamon)
Semifinal_1 : Kaji (Lilith) vs Sasazuka (Felicia)
Semifinal_2 : Kosho (Bulleta) vs DD (Saquatch)
Final : Kaji (Lilith) vs Kosho (Bulleta)

– Random Fanart:


PRE-DCC 09/10/2010 Results

Muchisimas gracias a Jinbe nuevamente por ser tan gentil conmigo y enviarme la info:
-thanks to Magneto from SRK
-thanks to dev, a japanese Sasquatch player that give me a lot of info in chat, during streaming. He told me also that Ogawa Zabel is different from Ogawa Eddie, and that Ogawa zabel is named Mr.DCC.

PRE-DCC 09/10/2010

1°) Kashiwagi (Bishamon) & Donboru (Zabel)
2°) Haramori (Morrigan) & Kawamura (Phobos)


Fumio vs Shimatsuya x-o
Yokohama vs Shimatsuya x-o
Teitoku vs Shimatsuya x-o
Sasazuka vs Shimatsuya o-x
Sasazuka vs Chikyuu x-o
Sakai vs Chikyuu o-x
Sakai vs Oboro o-x
Sakai vs Dara o-x
Sakai vs Kaji o-x

Yamakawa (Zabel) vs TKO (Sasquatch) x-o
bow (Aulbath) vs TKO (Sasquatch) x-o
A-tan (Zabel) vs TKO (Sasquatch) x-o
kuma (Sasquatch) vs TKO (Sasquatch) o-x
kuma (Sasquatch) vs Sasazuka (Lei Lei) o-x
kuma (Sasquatch) vs BUZZ (Gallon) x-o
saga (Sasquatch) vs BUZZ (Gallon) o-x
saga (Sasquatch) vs Haiiro (Aulbath) x-o
Shimatsuya (Jedah) vs Haiiro (Aulbath) o-x
Shimatsuya (Jedah) vs T2ya (Zabel) o-x
Shimatsuya (Jedah) vs Chikyuu (Anakaris) x-o
Negitoro (Sasquatch) vs Chikyuu (Anakaris) x-o
Takahashi (Gallon) vs Chikyuu (Anakaris) x-o
Deka (Lei Lei) vs Chikyuu (Anakaris) x-o
Oboro (Victor) vs chikyuu (Anakaris) o-x
Oboro (Victor) vs Shou (Aulbath) o-x
Oboro (Victor) vs Sakamoto (Q-Bee) o-x
Oouchi (Jedah) vs Ogawa (Zabel) o-x
Oouchi (Jedah) vs Nakanishi (Bishamon) x-o
Panpiina (Q-Bee) vs Nakanishi (Bishamon) o-x
Panpiina (Q-Bee) vs Nasu (Sasquatch) x-o
Azuwan (Demitri) vs Nasu (Sasquatch) x-o
Orekon (Felicia) vs Nasu (Sasquatch) o-x
Orekon (Felicia) vs DD (Sasquatch) x-o
Dara (Demitri) vs DD (Sasquatch) o-x
Dara (Demitri) vs kaji (Lilith) x-o

Team Kanto also had:
Sakai (Zabel)
Kosho (Bulleta)

DCC 10/10/2010
[VSAV] 1on1 Results
1°) Orekon (Felicia)
2°) Ego (Lei Lei)
3°) Panpiina (Q-Bee)
4°) Megane (Demitri)

– Random Fanart: